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Southern California Open Source User Resources
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Local Developers

Meetups help local developers and tech artists learn more about working with open source software code bases. This includes both the C/C++ code, Python UI/scripting code and special branches. SoCalBlender.org supports multiple F/LOSS projects. See the other FOSS menu link for a list of projects

For more information watch for general Meetups specifically announcing developer topics and for working groups announcing in person and online Meetups.

Q&A sessions at general meetings and small groups are also a good place to get informed and involved locally.


Blender Developers

Blender.org is the home of blender and has developer support for its master codebase world wide. More information can be found at the official wiki.
Blender Developer Wiki Page >

Experienced local SoCalBlender.org developers can also help in person at Meetups with the challenge of working with such a large F/LOSS project online. Feel free to ask developer questions at meetings.